The City of Oneonta takes great pride in our many local shops and businesses. We are a city where one can enjoy craft beverages, diverse eats and then take a stroll to buy something thrifty. We also offer an array of eclectic services and activities, whether you would like to try a gel manicure, reiki massages or go rock climbing, we have it.  From our bustling  downtown to our many delis and cafes throughout the City there is much to do, a wonderful variety of cuisines to choose from and so much of it within walking distance from each other. All of our different shops and boutiques add to the colorful atmosphere we have cultivated. We welcome entrepreneurs seeking to breathe life to their own small business startup. Come and see how your business dream can become part of our community. If you would like to have the Honorable Mayor, Gary Herzig attend your ribbon cutting ceremony, please feel free to reach out: 607-432-6450.  

The links below are intended only as an aid for possible places to look for additional information. It is not a comprehensive list, and legal and regulatory changes may occur at any time. You should always seek independent legal advice or contact the appropriate agency for current rules and/or regulations.*

     General Forms:

          Business Registration
              Sign Permit

     You may need to check with the Code Enforcement office if your building will require:

               -          Fire Certificate
               -          Change in use (see zoning map below)

city_Zoning2013 rev 12-19-2013 w-o aerial.jpg

     There are several types of businesses that may require special permit(s) from the city, please contact the City Clerk’s office.

What Type Of Business Will You Be?

          Food and Beverage

Bar  |  Café  |  Deli – Grocery  |  Meat Purveyor  |  Restaurant  |  Wine/Beer/Liquor

Relevant Websites for Permits and Licenses:

NYS Agriculture and Markets
NYS Department of Health
NYS Liquor Authority



Carpenter  |  Electrician *  |  Funeral  |  General Contractor  |  Health  |  HVAC *  |  Insurance  |  Law office  |  Real Estate  |  Salon/Spa  |  Plumber *

                * Contact the City Clerk’s office  

Relevant Websites for Permits and Licenses:
NYS Department of Health



Apparel  |  Consignment  |  Electronics  |  Pet Shop/Groomer  |  Locksmith  |  Stationery  |  Variety



Laundromat  |  Pharmacy  |  Recreation/live entertainment

Relevant Websites for Permits and Licenses:
NYS Department of Health


     The New York Small Business Development Center (NYSBDC)
          Michelle Catan - Senior Business Advisor
          189 Main St, Fifth Floor Suite 500, Oneonta, NY 13820
        Phone (607) 267-4010 ext 1
        Fax (607) 441-3188

NYSBDC provides small business owners and entrepreneurs in New York with the highest quality, pro-bono, confidential business counseling, training, and business research. We work with real people and real businesses. Our assistance helps NY Residents achieve real success, as it has for more than 30 years. 

Use this link to sign up for a free counseling session TODAY!

Businesses must always be aware of the numerous permits and/or licenses that they need.  Typically the SBDC will assist you in determining what licenses, registrations and permits are required for your business.  New York State has an online tool, Business Express, that can assist you in this determination.  This tool can be accessed at
.  The tool will request specific information regarding your business and then create a nice packet for you.  This tool can be temperamental, so if you need assistance when using it your Advisor can help.  

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