Neahwa Ice Skating Rink

Located on the tennis courts in Neahwa Park.

Neahwa Park Ice Skating Rink Information Number


Hours of Operation

*Please call the Neahwa Park Ice Rink Information Number at (607-432-7997) for our Ice Rink OPEN HOURS;

  • Please understand that weather may impact these hours;
  • Weekdays:  9:AM-8:30PM
  • Weekends:  9:AM-7:PM  (Holidays follow weekend hours);
  • These hours will be altered slightly, and posted to include “Hockey-Only Hours”, once these hours have started;

Hockey Hours

*COMING SOON:  the DATE for the START OF Hockey-Only Hours;

  • Monday-Friday-4:30-6:30pm
  • Sat & Sun-7:00-8:30pm

Ice Rink Rules

New Neahwa Ice Skating Rink

Rules for Hockey-Participants:

1. No high sticks;

2. No body/stick-checking;

3. No lifted puck passing or shooting;

4. Non-contact play only; NO rough play allowed;

5. Max-number of players allowed on the rink for play: 6-players/3 v 3;

6. ALL players must be wearing regulation safety equipment;

  • helmets, regulation skates & face-guards;
  • goal-keepers must have helmets plus face-mask & throat-protection, and regulation padding;


*All questions or concerns may be directed to Lou Lansing by calling (607)432-0680, or by email at